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Volkswagen Golf Mk1 Cabriolet (1979 - 1993)

Last updated 12 May 2017


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  • Very popular convertible of original giugiaro designed Golf Mk I.
  • 12' 3" long by 5' 3" wide.
  • 1.6 carb. 1.8 carb and 112bhp 1.8 injection engines.
  • Though production of Mk 1 Golf hatch ended in 1983 in Europe, the Mk 1 cabrio continued right through to December 1993 after which it was replaced by the Mk III cabrio. PAS from VW Scirocco II fitted to late LHD models. A small batch of the very last RHD Mk 1 cabrios has officially commissioned retro-fitted Power Assisted Steering.


  • Complicated left-to-right brake linkage robs brakes of feel and makes action unpleasant.
  • Notchy 'across the gate' gearshift. (The first LHD Golf GTis were 4-speeders).
  • No power steering even on cabrio unless retro fitted using LHD Scirocco GTi 16v parts or a kit from TSR of Bridgwater.


  • Rust. All Mk 1 Golfs rust and though rustproofing was improved by the time official imports of RHD GTIs started, they can still be bad.
  • Also check for accident damage and the general quality of the inevitable modifications.
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