Volkswagen Beetle 1200 and 1300 (1957 – 2003) Review

Volkswagen Beetle 1200 and 1300 (1957 – 2003) At A Glance


+Much improved performance and visibility, cheaper and better value than early cars. Excellent traction in snow and rough conditions.

-Still slow and asthmatic

For many car fans, the 1200 was the definitive Beetle. It's the most numerous, and arguably the most familar because of it. The main improvements - aside from the more powerful engine was the vast improvement in visibility thanks to larger front and rear windows.

This generation of Beetle car was constantly updated in detail until 1968 to become the 1300 when it was thoroughly revised again. New headlamps and thicker bumpers were fitted, and uprated safety kit appeared inside. Mechanical changes included – at last – 12-volt electrics and dual-circuit brakes, plus a fuel tank that didn’t have to be filled by via the uggage compartment.

Ask Honest John

Where should we sell my father's classic Volkswagen Beetle?

"My father has a Volkswagen Beetle 1200cc which is reasonably good condition (for its age). At 96 he can no longer drive and wishes to sell the car. He bought it from new. Bearing in mind the age of the vehicle, what is the best way to go about this. There seems to be quite a few "sharks" online that are willing to quote, but somehow, I don't trust them."
Have a read of our guide to selling a classic: This covers the different options available to you and should give you a good idea of whether you wish to sell the car privately, at auction, or via a dealer.
Answered by Keith Moody

The DVLA has no record of my classic car - how do I get it registered again?

"I have owned my 1965 Volkswagen Beetle 1300 since early 1966. The reg is GXE 537C but it has been off the road for many years. I am aiming to sell it but DVLA tell me it has no record of the vehicle. I still have the original green 'log book'. What is the procedure to get this car into the system again?"
Head over to: You need to fill in form V765 and send it together with the original logbook to: K and R, DVLA SA99 1ZZ. Rod at Historic VWs can help with the endorsement (
Answered by Keith Moody
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