Vauxhall Senator (1987 – 1994) Review

Vauxhall Senator (1987 – 1994) At A Glance


+Huge and airy inside, fast in 24V form, good handling considering bulk, consumate long distance machine

-Heavy on fuel and consumables such as tyres and dampers, lacking image, not everyone likes the digital dashboard

And here it was, the ultimate Vauxhall for the ultimate businessman in a hurry. The Senator might have been pure Carlton under the skin, but the imposing new body with chip-cutter grille gave it a presence all of its own.

So, it's no wonder that traffic police took the big Vauxhall to their bosom, happy that they'd finally found a replacement for their ageing Rover SD1 3500 V8s. Digital dashboards were an acquired taste, and the 2.5-litre model was a little sluggish.

Pick of the range is the 200bhp 24V model that, in manual form, will hit 150mph given a long enough run.