TVR V8-S (1990 – 1994) Review

TVR V8-S (1990 – 1994) At A Glance


+Retro good looks combined with easy V8 performance makes for a very appealing package, far cheaper than an early Griffith

-Cooling and electrical problems, some quality issues

The V8-S was a case of history releating itself. It was basically a case of taking an existing V6 product (the excellent S-Series roadster) and installing a tuned Rover V8 under the bonnet to create a very fast - and desirable - sports car. This is exactly the process that Peter Wheeler followed when creating the TVR 350i back in 1983.

Production of the V8-S lasted a scant three years - and not because of any product deficiencies - but because TVR's ambitions were expanding, and the Chimera and Griffith roadsters were already in development when the V8-S hit the market. It also filled the void that would be left when the Tasmin-based Wedge SE models finally dropped out of production in 1991. But the V8-S was exactly the right product at the right time, winning lots of friends for its prodigious pace and relatively cheap thrills.