TVR Tuscan V6, V8 and V8SE (1969 – 1971) Review

TVR Tuscan V6, V8 and V8SE (1969 – 1971) At A Glance


+V8s effortless quick, and better developed than the Griffth, choice of engines, improved cabin and build quality

-Hard to find, and still tricky on the limit

Of the early TVRs, the Tuscan is probably the most appealing. With more than a decade of series production behind it, and a move to more accommodating premises, TVR was building them better eith each passing year. The Tuscan might have effectively been a Vixen with upgrades, but the new power plants were what gave the car its current following.

It was fitted with a selection of US Ford V8s (like the Griffith), and was available with two body widths. The Capri-engined V6 Tuscan was an appealing addition to the range, plugging the gap in the range between the sweet four-cylinder cars and the lairy V8s. They ended up proving so popular, they paved the way for the upcoming mainstream TVRs of the 1970s.