Triumph TR4 and TR4A (1961 – 1967) Review

Triumph TR4 and TR4A (1961 – 1967) At A Glance

+No more sidescreens

-Styling lacks the minimalist appeal of its predecessors

For the 1960s, the TR sports car line's styling got more confident, with Michelotti providing a much cleaner, more modern look. However, the 1961 TR4 didn't go down well with everyone. Its radically restyled body on a widened TR3A chassis shocked the American dealers, and their initial reaction to the new car was to order around 3000 TR3As for 1962 domestic consumption instead.

But the restyle was generally well-accepted, and pretty much everyone liked the sharply defined modern lines. Of course, there were a few purist mutterings about it having gone soft, what with the wind-up windows and face-level air vents, but they were in the minority.

Other improvements and upgrades included rack-and-pinion steering, all-synchromesh gearbox and an extra 150cc in engine capacity, upping the power and torque figures usefully. In 1964, the TR4 became the TR4A thanks to the addition of independent rear suspension, whiuch vastly improved its handling predictability.

What does a Triumph TR4 and TR4A (1961 – 1967) cost?