Toyota Landcruiser (40-Series) (1960 – 1984) Review

Toyota Landcruiser (40-Series) (1960 – 1984) At A Glance


+Brilliant off-road ability combined with peerless reliability - this was the car that killed Land Rover in many markets

-Rust and scarcity of parts and expertise in the UK

Globally, these early Landcruisers are a legend. However, in the UK and Europe, they didn't really achieve major success until the 1980s and beyond. In classic terms, the 40-Series (1960-84) cars are the most desirable, and they are attracting a cult following on the coat tails of the J-Tin (Japanese classic car) movement.

The Landcruiser's bulletproof reliability is responsible for Land-Rover's loss of export sales in some very important markets over the years. And today that's still evident from the number of cars around the world still in service. Many have been imported into the UK from dry climates, but rust is still a major killer once they arrive in the UK.

Rare to find one for sale, but when they do, they make all the money when in top condition.

Ask Honest John

Can I import a Toyota Land Cruiser 70 series from Africa or Australia?

"Could I import a 70 series Land Cruiser from somewhere where thet are still on sale - Australia or an African country - and use it in roads in the UK, even though it does not meet emissions regulations? "
In theory you could import a Land Cruiser for your own use, but you would need to apply for Individual Vehicle Approval, which you can read more about here:,buses%20and%20coaches You may have to make modifications for it to be approved, which may also include emissions control equipment, which could prove to be an expensive process.
Answered by David Ross
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