Toyota Crown S60 (1971 – 1974) Review

Toyota Crown S60 (1971 – 1974) At A Glance


+Big, roomy, and very reliable; pillarless coupe very cool

-Rust and parts availability

This fourth-generation Crown was the first big Toyota to be sold in the UK, and gain recognition in a market sector traditionally dominated by the Rover and Triumph 2000s. For 1971, the MS60 Crown was a bold leap forward stylistically, and certainly in keeping with the company's international ambitions at the time.

Out went conventionally boxy looks, and in their place came swooping flanks and the characteristic double-deck front lights. In the UK, the Crown was offered in saloon and estate form only, and we were denied the stylish coupé, which probably had a limited market here anyway.

Its straight-six engine was lusty and thirsty, the rest reliable and well made. Sloppy to drive compared with European rivals back then - cool and well woth importing now.