Toyota Celica (1985 – 1989) Review

Toyota Celica (1985 – 1989) At A Glance


+Excellent handling a big improvement on the previous model, Turbo 4WD model is a cut-price Integrale, reliable in all forms

-Needs an understanding owner due to rust issues

The 1985 Celica was the first of its type to move to front-wheel drive. But you'd never guess, as it was so good to drive, especially in 2.0-litre GT guise. But then, the outgoing model was pretty insipid unless it was in Supra guise, so it wasn't a tall order to improve upon it.

Twin-cam power ensured performance, tidy handling made all that power accessible and, like all Toyotas, its reliability was second-to-none. Undervalued today, and the survival rate is low, as it's overshadowed by the more radical (read ugly) replacement from 1990.

GT 4WD version - or GT4 - is well worth searching out, but again, watch out for rusty examples.

What does a Toyota Celica (1985 – 1989) cost?