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Toyota 2000GT (1967 - 1970)

Last updated 4 March 2013

Amazing looks, and fantastic performance considering 2.0-litre power
Rare and hyper-valuable
were produced
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The Toyota is probably the most desirable car from the first 50 years of Japanese car manufacture. And yet it remains relatively unknown in the west despite high profile film appearances, and brilliant styling, and an amazing technical specification.

It was produced in a joint venture between Toyota and Yamaha, although the 2000GT's production was never a certainty during its development. It was offered to Toyota when Yamaha failed to excite its first-choice collabrative partner Nissan into producing the car – and when Toyota took on the project, it did so at low production volumes thanks to the specialist nature of the car. In a four-year run, a mere 337 were built.

And that's a shame given the excellent performance from its jewel-like twin-cam straight six. Revered as an absolute classic today with values to match.

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