Suzuki SC100GX Whizzkid (1977 – 1982) Review

Suzuki SC100GX Whizzkid (1977 – 1982) At A Glance


+Good fun, a lot of laughs, cheap to fuel, a latter-day Hillman Imp Sport

-They rust appallingly

Launched as the two-cylinder Cervo in Japan during 1977, the Suzuki SC100GX Whizzkid started out as a coupé version of the Fronte Kei-Car. But when it came to the UK at the end of 1979, the rear-engined Whizzkid ended up being transformed by the fitment of a 970cc four-cylinder to become a small, sorting economy car for those who fancied something left-field.

It was well-equipped and surprisingly sprightly, so it’s no surprise that these baby racers have become something of a cult car, even if the values seldom match the interest these cars generate. But with a mere 4096 imported into the UK, and rust being a massive killer, demand for the SC100GX Whizzkid is definitely on the rise.

Ask Honest John

I'm looking for a classic car to run around the city - what's a good buy?

"I'm looking for a classic car to run around the city - reliable, easy to park, won't rust away at the roadside and able to stand up to lots of stopping and starting. Probably automatic. What do you suggest?"
You've got plenty of choices here - but there are a few factors to take into consideration. How much have you got to spend? What kind of era are you looking for? And how worried are you about it getting dinged and scratched? For cheap and cheerful you could do a Renault 5, late-model Minis were available with a three-speed auto, or if you're feeling flush a Fiat 500. Fancy standing out a bit? Then a Datsun Cherry could be worth a look. If you're not too tall, then consider something like a Nissan Figaro (for modern cons and a sunshine lid) or a Suzuki Whizzkid.
Answered by Keith Moody
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