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Suzuki Cappuccino (1993 - 1995)

Last updated 5 April 2018


Power comes from a three-cylinder 660cc turbocharged petrol engine. It may have been limited to just 87mph, but the combination of a light body and that turbo engine meant it was quick off the mark (0-60mpg was 8.0 seconds) and fun to drive. It felt every bit the proper sports car and its front mid-engined and rear-wheel drive set-up was also capable of giving drivers wo wern't careful in the wet a bit of a shock.

The Cappuccino needs to be driven hard to maintain progress, the light weight gives great agility. But the engine thrives on revs (it redlines at 8500rpm and the limiter doesn’t cut in until 9300rpm!) and it’ll probably take more abuse than you feel comfortable giving it.

Part of the Cappuccino's appeal was its 'roof system' It wasn't just a case of roof up or down with the Cappuccino, its three-panel roof meant you coud have a number of configuartions from one panel off, to T-Bar or fully open. Then there was the rear screen, which unusually for this period was glass and contained a de-misting elelment. This could be left up to act as a wind break or unclipped and lowered into the bodywork, transforming the Cappuccinco into a full roadster. The panels themselves are stored in protective bags and – surprisingly – fit in the Cappuccinco's tiny boot.

When cruising the noise can get very tiring – remove the speed restrictor and your eardrums would need major surgery when sitting at the newly available ton. Doing so will also almost certainly lead to reliability problems. But the Cappuccino isn’t about ultimate speed – it’s on B-roads that the fun starts. With a 50:50 weight distribution and a nicely set up chassis, it handles like a proper sports car. Strong brakes and plenty of grip from the 165/65x14 tyres also mean handling is safe even at high speed. It steers well, and the five-speed gearbox is slick and nice to use.

Overall, a delightful little sports car that if well-maintained does not cost the earth to run.

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