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Subaru Justy (1984 - 1994)

Last updated 7 November 2013


Buying Guide


  • Cheap, small, reliable four-wheel-drive hatchback.
  • Multipoint injected, catalysed 73 bhp 1,189cc 3-cylinder engine from September 1992 (3-door chassis 007401; 4-door chassis 009601) the best, but previous 67 bhp engine avoids the cat.
  • Not great to drive, but light weight of 770kg makes it excellent in the snow.
  • (Please note: Chilton manual for US spec Subarus 1985-1996.)


  • CVT automatic transmissions fail and a replacement costs the wrong side of £2,000.


  • Avoid automatics unless running properly and going for buttons.
  • Look for suspension, drivetrain, engine damage underneath from rocks.
  • Be very suspicious of uneven tyre wear.
  • Make sure drivetrain doesn't shriek or scream (expensive to fix).
  • Have it emissions tested to make sure cat converter not smashed.
  • Look for interior damage from children, dogs or farm animals.
  • A lot of these cars dies on a farm somwhere. If you buy one that's been off the road for a while make sure it was SORNd.
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