Skoda S110R (1970 – 1980) Review

Skoda S110R (1970 – 1980) At A Glance


+Good looking, light steering, interesting handling

-Too many people consider these cars a joke

The Skoda 110R was based on the S100 saloon, was a revised 1000MB. The S110R coupé probably shouldn’t have excited too many enthusiasts but, its introduction in the West coincided with a long rallying career that resulted in class wins on the RAC Rally on an almost annual basis.

Powered by a 1107cc water-cooled four, mounted in the rear, the pretty S110R was also great value, even if its swing-axle rear suspension caused a few white knuckles on wet roundabouts. They have a strong following on the classic scene, and are getting getting expensive as a consequence.