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Skoda Favorit (1989 - 1994)

Last updated 22 December 2015

Decent handling and quite practical, one of the more sensible bargain-basement choices
Rust, flimsy trim and dodgy electrics, engines smoke unless the oil is changed frequently
were produced
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The Skoda Favorit was a revolution for its maker when launched in 1989. The car, a front-engined, front-wheel drive hatchback had been first unveiled at the Brno Engineering Fair in 1987, and signalled that the (then) Czechoslovakian manufacturer was about to take a hit at the supermini market. When it arrived on the UK market, the Favorit continued Skoda's bargain pricing policy, with the top 136LX model weighing-in at Ford Fiesta Popular money. The car was promising, too - looked stylish, thanks to Bertone-designed body, and the engines were tried and tested carry-over units from the Estelle.

The Favorit would have hit the market, but funding issues delayed its development. Natural rivals when new included the Lada Samara and Yugo Sana, but the Skoda was a more thoroughly developed option, proving good to drive and practical. The Favorit was not ruggedly-built, though, and flimsy interiors were a turn-off - and today, it's near-impossible to find one with intact seats and fittings. Still cheap to buy, if you can find one, and classic status is still over the horizon - despite the burgeoning popularity of the inferior rear-engined models.

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