Skoda 130 and 136 Rapid (1984 – 1991) Review

Skoda 130 and 136 Rapid (1984 – 1991) At A Glance


+Great fun in the right conditions, quick enough to be interesting without the rearward weight bias completely overwhelming the chassis

-Ugly interior, cheaply made, non-believers just don't get them

In the mid-1980s, Skoda introduced a coupé version of its almost universally-hated Estelle in the UK. No one expected very much of it, least of all Skoda, marketing it strongly as the cheapest coupé in Britain – not a strong message. However, halfway through the life of the Estelle, the rear suspension was improved, taming the handling – and in 1988, Autocar magazine put the 136R Coupé on the cover, comparing its handling favourably with the Porsche 911. Few examples remain, and those that do in the UK are cherished by their owners.