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Siata Reviews

Siata, or the Societa Italiana Auto Trasformazioni Accessori was a short-lived Italian supercar manufacturer that made its name with the 208-series cars. It started life in 1926 by amateur racecar driver Giorgio Ambrosini, and started as a manufactuer in 1948, with the Fiat 500-based Amica sports car.

Although the 208-series lasted a mere two years, the company managed to continue as a car manufacturer but only after a decade-long hiatus, when it introduced the quirky Fiat 850-based Spring roadster, which bore more than a passing resemblance to the Fiat Vignale Gamine. The Siata Spring was produced until 1970, when Siata went bankrupt, and the assembly line was purchased by a newly formed company called ORSA, or Officina Realizzazioni Sarde Automobili, which relaunched the Spring from its new factory near Cagliari. However, the company closed its doors for good in early 1975, as a consequence of the effects of the 1973 Oil Crisis.

Good: Steve McQueen had one, a beautiful car based on the amazing Fiat 8V
Bad: Rare and desirable, and hugely expensive when they come up for sale
Good: Cheap and simple
Bad: Devilishly diffcult to find, not so special to drive