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SEAT 133 (1974 - 1980)

Last updated 17 April 2013

Light steering, excellent visibility, nippy in town
Utterly pointless in a range that included the 127
were produced
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The SEAT 133 was possibly one of the most pointless cars sold by Fiat dealers in the UK during the 1970s. It was a confusing product, too, because it was a strange mixture of old and new - the floorpan, engine and gearbox were taken from the SEAT 850, but the body styling was all-new, and looked like a cross between the Fiat 126 and 127.

But compared with the cream of the '70s supermini crop, the rear-engined 133 didn't stand a chance – and it flopped outside of its home market. In Spain, where tough import barriers had been erected and money was tight,  its excellent fuel consumption and trusted mechanicals were positive selling points. But in the UK, where buyers could actually buy the vastly superior 127 from the same dealerships the Spanish import had no real selling points. Rare back then - non-existent in the UK now.

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