Saab 95 and 95 V4 (1959 – 1978) Review

Saab 95 and 95 V4 (1959 – 1978) At A Glance


+More power and performance than the two-stroke

-...but less refinement

The Saab 95 was a much more practical variation of the 96 theme. It was a very clever seven-seater, three-door estate that was initially based upon the 93 sedan - but when the 93 became the 96, the 95 remained named as it was. Like the 93, the first 95s were powered by Saab's 841cc three-cylinder two-stroke, but from 1967 was upgraded to four-stroke Ford Taunus V4-specification, adding power and performance, if not smoothness.

The 95 was developed in line with the rest if the range during its life, and that meant additional safety kit over the years, such as impact bumpers and padded interior. The rear-facing folding seat was dropped with the 1976 model year, turning the 95 into a regular five seater. Lasted until 1979, and not directly replaced in the Saab range,