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Riley Elf (1961 - 1969)

Last updated 25 March 2013

Well-appointed Mini with more boot and under-bonnet room
Killed before its time


Continuing Riley’s adventures in badge engineering was the Elf of 1961 to 1969. It looked like a Mini with a boot (nicknamed the Riley Shelf), with its extended rump framed by a pair of fins and an old school Riley front end fitted. The Riley version boasted the best dashboard and interior appointments, and the twin-carburettor engine.

The Elf MkII was introduced in 1963 and made use of the larger 998cc A-Series engine and interconnected Hydrolastic suspension from 1964 and the MkIII introduced winding windows, better ventilation and a remote-control gearbox. Despite selling well, the Elf was discontinued when British Leyland killed off Riley in the first round of marque rationalisation.

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