Renault 25 (1983 – 1992) Review

Renault 25 (1983 – 1992) At A Glance


+Capable of high mileage with timely maintenance, owners love them

-Old and unreliable turbos, automatics can give trouble, some repairs can be expensive

The Renault 25 was an impressive executive car offering following on from the plain-Jane 20/30 - and it was designed to appeal in export markets as well as in its home country. The styling was an interesting mix of old and new, with a highly aerodynamic body and Fuego-style wraparound rear window. The styling was by Gaston Juchet, overseen by famed designer Robert Opron, creator of the Citroën SM (and Renault Fuego), and it clearly had more glamour than its predecessor. It was slippery, too - when launched, it wrested the title of Europe's most aerodynamic production car from the Audi 100, boasting a drag co-efficient of 0.28.

Top of the range models boasted a digital dashboard with voice synthesizer, in a funky interior styled by Lamborghini Countach stylist Marcello Gandini. Four-cylinder cars were economical and refined; V6s were punchy and unreliable. Innovations were PLIP operated remote central locking (a first for an executive class car), and steering wheel mounted audio controls - both taken for granted on all cars today. Early models have rusted away but improved-build facelift models from 1988 are relatively plentiful, if overlooked, so remain cheap.