Panther J72 (1972 – 1981) Review

Panther J72 (1972 – 1981) At A Glance


+Looks like a SS100 but with more modern mechanicals and road manners, excellent quality, and in V12 form massively fast

-It's not the real thing

The Panther J72 owed its looks to Jaguar’s SS100, although it was so much more than a real replica - it was a pastiche that the company's founder Robert Jankell hoped would end up being an improvement on the original. This being the 1970s, there was a ready market for such brash expressions of style, and a number of celebrities bought into Jankel’s dream machine.

There was little sophistication to the J72, but it was very fast thanks to its Jaguar six-cylinder engines; even more so when the V12 was added in 1974. The J72 stayed in production until 1981, during which time 426 examples of this expensive and exquisitely constructed vintage hommage were constructed.