Opel Kadett (1965 – 1973) Review

Opel Kadett (1965 – 1973) At A Glance


+More stylish than the Kadett A, available in Rallye form, sold in the UK

-Saloons don't have anywhere near the same level of desirability as the Coupes

The Opel Kadett B followed hard on the heels of the A, being introduced just three years after the original, at the 1965 Frankfurt motor show. Overall, it was a far more desirable car, even if it was just effectively a light facelift - and much of this additional appeal was down to the option of more engines and body styles. The Kadett B was slightly larger overall, and compensated for this by having an enlarged 1.1-litre entry-level engine.

The range would end up being comprised of two- and four-door saloons (Limousines in Opel-speak), a fastback saloon designated as the Kadett LS, three- and five-door estates (known as Caravans), and the stylish Coupe. We didn't get them all in the UK, but in comparison with the rival Vauxhall Viva range, the Kadett offered a variation for everyone. The version that everyone wants today is the Coupe Rallye, which was powered by a 1.9-litre cam-in-head engine with twin carbs, and easily spotted thanks to stripes and a black bonnet.