Opel Commodore (1977 – 1982) Review

Opel Commodore (1977 – 1982) At A Glance


+Smooth six-cylinder engines, as solid as the four-cylinder Rekord is was based upon

-Thirsty and not usefully quicker than the Rekord

As before, the Opel Commodore C was little more than a nicely trimmed six-cylinder version of the Rekord. It was launched at the end of 1977 and came powered by the cam-in-head straight-six in 113 and 128bhp 2.5-litre guises. Styling was almost pure Rekord with a grander front-end (which would tie-in with the soon-to-be launched Senator and Monza). It was sold in two- and four-door forms (the former very briefly), and as a five-door estate from 1979 to 1982.

The Commodore wasn't actually sold in the UK until 1980, being launched in four-door form only at the same time as the Vauxhall Viceroy, and only stayed on the books for two years.The Commodore line was dropped at the 1982 Rekord E2 facelift, as the gap it once filled in the range was now non-existent. Good luck finding one in the UK.