Opel Commodore (1972 – 1977) Review

Opel Commodore (1972 – 1977) At A Glance


+Commodore GS/E looks great, has pillarless windows and is a swift all-rounder

-Saloons thirsty and are hardly any more appealing than the Rekord they're based on

As before with the Series A, the Opel Commodore B was closely based upon the Rekord D, featuring an all-six-cylinder engine line-up. From launch, four models were offered: 2500S, 2500GS, 2800GS and 2800GS/E, in both four-door saloon and two-door coupé forms. Power outputs range between 115-160bhp. During its life the engine range was tweaked in order to meet tightening emmissions regulations - with lower power outputs across the range.

The Opel Commodore B is mostly known as a coupe in the UK, but a small number of saloons also made it here - but it's the Coupe that has all of the classic appeal now, especially in fuel injected GS/E form. The GS/E was easily identified, thanks to ATS alloy wheels, and deep front spoiler. It was the original Autobahnstormer with a maximum speed of approaching 130mph, and a genuine BMW CS rival - although relatively low values do not reflect how good an all-rounder the GS/E actually is today. Replaced by the Monza in 1978.