Opel Ascona (1970 – 1975) Review

Opel Ascona (1970 – 1975) At A Glance


+Solid, safe and good to drive in 1.9-litre form

-Rusty and hard to find parts for

The Opel Ascona was a new addition to the range bridging the gap between the Kadett and Rekord. As well as filling the mid-market niche in the Opel range, but it was also the perfect competitor to the Ford Taunus, bringing genuine volume sales to the Russelsheim manufacturer. The Ascona was available in 1.2-, 1.6- and 1.9-litre forms, with power outputs ranging between 60 and 90bhp, and in two- and four-door saloon forms, and three-door estate version. 

The Ascona proved to be a huge commercial success for Opel, not only picking up a significant market share - especially in Germany - but also beginning a line that continues to this day as the Insignia. The Ascona also proved a success in motor sport, thanks to the Steinmetz-tuned 1.9SR, driven by Walter Röhrl, who went on to win the European Rally Championship in 1974. In the UK, the Ascona was a solid, slightly premium, seller, highly regarded when new and respected by its fans today. And, of course, the Ascona's greatest legacy is that it sired the Manta A coupe.