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Nissan Patrol (1997 - 2013)

Last updated 5 March 2019


Buying Guide


Big and tough off-roader that will get the job done.


Too big for town.

Some reports of early engine failures of the 2.8.

Vague, woolly old school 4x4 steering and handling on the road.


Clocking of Patrols which have been used for extensive towing.

Nissan Patrol 2005 Blistered Dashtop 2

18-2-2019: Report of dashtop of 2005 blisterning badly (apparently common).


20-06-2017: R/2017/039: AIRBAG MAY FAIL. The airbag manufacturer have informed Nissan of a potential concern with propellant degradation of Front Passenger Airbag fitted with Smokeless Passenger Inflator (SPI). It has been confirmed that this degradation is a function of time, temperature, and environmental moisture. Deterioration of the Inflator propellant may, under certain usage conditions, lead to abnormal deployment of the Passenger Airbag. In an extreme situation, this condition could create excessive pressure within the inflator during airbag deployment and may result in separation of the airbag housing. Fix: Recall all affected vehicles to replace the front passenger airbag module with a new quality controlled item. Build dates: 07-06-2000 to 28-08-2011.

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