Nissan Micra (1982 – 1992) Review

Nissan Micra (1982 – 1992) At A Glance


+In its day a paragon of reliability and cheap running costs, formed the basis of the Figaro

-Very light build and eventually rusts so, by 2007 it had become very difficult to find one worth buying

The Nissan Micra first appeared in concept form in 1981. Nissan unveiled the NX-01 at the Tokyo motor show. It was designed as a new 1.0-litre supermini, intended to slot in the range below the Cherry. The concept was praised at the time for its clean styling - a move towards European design, which alongside the Prairie had pundits speculating as to whether the cars were styled by Ital Design - but Nissan always denied this.

When the production Micra – known as the March in Japan – was first shown (almost unmodified from the NX-01) in 1982, it was considered a massive step forward. The Micra was light and easy to drive, and that made it a huge hit with young drivers. In the UK, it became the most popular car with driving schools, for very good reason, attracting new fans. It survived for ten years, about twice as long as the norm for a Nissan.