Nissan 350Z (2003 – 2009) Review

Nissan 350Z (2003 – 2009) At A Glance


+Perfect combination of power, grip and safe but exploitable handling. 300PS 350Zs from March 2006 get hit by high £505 annual VED.

-2007 310PS long stroke engine doesn't feel as gutsy as previous 300PS. Use a lot of fuel.

Nissan’s Z cars have formed an important part of the company’s history. There have been some great ones like the 240Z, some good ones like the 300ZX, and some very bad ones… 280ZX we’re looking at you.

So where does the 350Z fit into this body of work? Only time will really tell, but we’d say someone near the top. In truth, it’s probably better than the 240Z – but that’s part of its problem. It’s almost Germanic in some ways because it’s simply too good. It’s a capable round town cruiser but can also hold its own on track – although it’ll shave seconds of your lap times with minimal fuss and drama, which is not always a good thing for a sports car.

Power comes from a 3.5-litre V6 that you’d never know delivered 276bhp, such is the level of soundproofing in the cabin. It’ll also do 0-62mph in 5.6 seconds – so it’s properly quick but manages to be so in the most unexciting way.

Ask Honest John

Can you recommend a unique sports car with future classic potential?

"I'm looking for a good quality, two-seater sports car for the weekends that has a large petrol engine. I want it to have some unique qualities, not too ubiquitous on the roads and has the potential of classic status in the future. I have about £8000 to spend. I would prefer a coupe body."
You could consider a Nissan 350Z. It's not got the most premium of interiors but it has got a 3.5-litre V6 engine and I think it ticks the future classic box well. There are quite a few about but many have high mileages and haven't led easy lives, so if you find a good one it could be a potential investment. Also, look at a BMW Z4 Coupe. It's got a nicer interior than the 350Z and is fun to drive. Alternatively, a Mazda RX-8 is a four-seater but a quirky choice with a rotary engine and your budget will get you a very good example. Do your research first, though, they can go expensively wrong.
Answered by Andrew Brady
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