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Nissan 300ZX (1990 - 1996)

Last updated 11 May 2013


Buying Guide


  • Code name Z32 Fairlady. Very serious twin-turbo 280 bhp junior supercar, killed off by European emissions legislation. 'Full on' manuals or 'Mr Softy' autos, UK spec with leather and air.
  • Squat shape 14' 10" long by 5' 11" wide and a substantial 1,580kg.
  • Very comfortable. Goes like stink and handles surprisingly well. 5-speed manual or 4-speed auto.
  • Very rare 2 seat convertible version and even rarer convertible hardtop available in Japan.
  • Two wheelbases. SWB 2-seater and LWB 2+2. UK built LWB 2+2 with full leather only.


  • UK production ended 1996.
  • Rear three-quarter vision not good.
  • Handbrake a long way back.
  • To drive, the manual is best.
  • The two turbos are £1,500 each new.


  • Grey imports without the twin turbos and other important items of kit.
  • Greys have less rust-proofing so tin worm is also a problem with these cars.
  • Noisy engines.
  • Exhaust smoke (turbo oil seals @ £1,500 a turbo), dirty oil, lack of maintenance.
  • Look for uneven tyre wear - may be simple misalignment, may have been 'sausaged'.
  • Manual boxes and clutches lead a hard life and boxes are mega expensive to replace.
  • Cars which have been sitting require a full recommission or you'll be in for all sorts of problems. Tyres may have 'flat-spotted', discs rusted, exhaust rotted (especially rear silencer boxes).
  • Targa roof panels may leak - not easy to get new seals for them.
  • Power steering may have sprung a leak.
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