Nissan 200SX (1989 – 1998) Review

Nissan 200SX (1989 – 1998) At A Glance


+Fast and tail happy

-Rusty and rare

When the new Nissan 200SX arrived on the scene in 1989, it seemed that its maker had finally rediscovered some of the magic that was present during the creation of the 240Z during the late 1960s. The 200SX (or 180SX in its home market) was a parallel development from the long-running Silvia range, which never came to Europe in S13 form, despite the previous S12 being so successful. With 197bhp on tap and an exploitable RWD chassis, it was an excellent driver’s car – and thanks to old fashioned good looks, it was also desirable in the showroom.

Pricing was ultra-competitive, too - and it managed to arrive just months before the Vauxhall Calibra, which so effectively kick started the coupe market during the early 1990s. Nissan had no trouble selling all it could import, and it remained popular until it was replaced (in the UK) early by a larger new model, also known as the 200SX - the S14-generation Silvia. Also available in comically mis-named Executive form. Has gone on to enjoy a successful afterlife thanks to the drifting scene, and unmolested examples are now rare.