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Monteverdi 375 High Speed (1967 - 1977)

Last updated 8 July 2013

Elegant looking grand tourer, and a fractio of the cost of a Ferrari Daytona, or even a Maserati Ghibli
Lack of heritage might put some off


The Frua-styled Monteverdi Hig Sppeed 375 was the manifesation of its maker's huge ambition. Beneath that Italianate body beat the heart of a hefty Chrysler V8 - which developed up to 390bhp – and a tubular chassis held the whole ensemble together. Frua and Fissore both made bodies for the car. The later Berlinetta model was even more potent, thanks to the fitment of a Hemi engine from the mid-engined Hai. Its 450bhp was the recipe for thrills aplenty.

The 375/4 Fissore-built, Frua-styled Monteverdi High Speed limousine was added to the range in 1970. It was nothing if not extravagent. The coupé upon which it was based was hardly a compact machine, measuring 4.80m and packing 7.2 litres of Chrysler V8 power. To make a limousine, a further 50cm was added, most of which was within the wheelbase, creating a surprisingly handsome low-line saloon. During its seven-year production run, 30 were built before Monteverdi gave up bespoke vehicle manufacture in favour of modified versions of existing Mercedes and Dodge saloons, such as the Tiara and Sierra.


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