Mini Cooper, Cooper S and Seven (1990 – 2000) Review

Mini Cooper, Cooper S and Seven (1990 – 2000) At A Glance


+More grown-up version of an enduring classic

-Late Minis with 13-inch Sports pack wheels and suspension are even more uncomfortable!

Latest update Rover Mini from 1990: Immobiliser problems common on late, fuel-unjecxted Rover Minis. See Mini Immobiliser thread.


Rover brought back the Cooper in 1990 as a limited edition of just 1000 after seeing the car selling so well in Japan throughout the late-1980s. Such was the interest in the special edition that the decision was taken to reintroduce it as a mainstream model, with a 1275cc engine plus alloy wheels, white roof and more sporting interior.

An ‘S’ package from John Cooper boosted power to 78bhp. Fuel injection from 1991 increased the power of both types even more, but from 1996, this changed from single- to multi-point with electronic ignition as well. The 40th birthday celebration Cooper S Works of 1999 was the most powerful of them all, with 90bhp. Production ended in 2000, and Lulu drove the last car off the line.

Ask Honest John

What's the best car cover for a Mini?

"My son has a Mini Copper 1992. We need a cover that will protect it over winter although he uses a cover in summer to protect from sunlight. We just need the best quality cover that breathes."
If you're keeping your car outside, you'll need to get a cover that is not only waterproof but also breathable to prevent the paintwork deteriorating. Hamilton Classic does a good range ( and offers 30 different sizes - expect to pay about £175. If you want to go for a fitted cover it's going to cost you a bit more. Remember you'll need to clean the car every time you put the cover on it. And some car covers aren't rated for high winds (or will need an additional locking strap). You'll also need to keep an eye on on the cover and disperse any heavy rain or snow that builds up on it. Finally, the cover itself will need cleaning so check that you can either wash the cover while it's the car or that you have access to a suitably sized washing machine.
Answered by Keith Moody
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