MG RV8 (1993 – 1995) Review

MG RV8 (1993 – 1995) At A Glance


+Great looks, easy - and surprisingly rapid - performance, brilliant parts availability, a perfect exhaust note, lots of very nice examples for sale

-In standard form the RV8 isn't what you would describe as a driver's car, but if you want that combination, buy a TVR Griffith

The MG RV8 was a hugely important step in the 1990s rebirth of its maker after more than a decade of saloon and hatchback-only production. Since Abingdon's closure in 1980, MG had been reserved for the Metro, Maestro and Montego - and although these cars were worthy, what enthusiasts really wanted was a new MG roadster. In creating the RV8, Rover very cleverly used a combination of off-the-shelf parts, such as the Range Rover's V8 engine and British Motor Heritage MGB bodyshell.

So, in this incarnation of the MGB, the rubber bumper specification body was taken and modified to accept a new set of beautifully curvaceous outer panels. The 3.9-litre Range Rover EFi V8 engine developed 185bhp, and gave the RV8 enough power to crack 6.0 seconds for the 0-60mph run. A five-speed LT77 gearbox, derived from the Rover SD1, was used along with a new Salisbury axle. Very significant modifications were made to the suspension and brakes to bring the car up to date. The interior featured magnolia leather and burr elm. Most RV8s made were sold in Japan, but many of them have subsequently made their way back to the UK.

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Ask Honest John

Is it a risk to replace the spare wheel with a can of foam sealant in my MG RV8?

"I have an MG RV8 with the usual spare tyre in the limited boot space. Considering it would cost about £60 to replace a tyre and I have only had five problems with regards to a puncture in 48 years of driving, do you think that it would be more practical to remove the spare tyre and buy a 'get you home' tyre spray foamand use the boot space for luggage."
I guess it depends on how often you use the boot and how much you plan to put in it? Tyre sealant doesn't always work so if you go down this route, make sure you've got roadside assistance cover. Might also be worth checking how many of the chain tyre centres stock your tyres. If the worst happens and the foam fails to repair the puncture, you'll need towing to a tyre centre and if they don't have the tyre in stock they'll need to order which could take 24 hours. Worth remembering that even if they do have the right size of tyres in stock, they may not have your preferred brand. If you desperately need the space, you could choose to mount the spare to the boot or go for a boot-mounted luggage rack.
Answered by Keith Moody

What type of front suspension is fitted to the MG RV8?

"What type of front suspension is fitted to the MG RV8?"
The MG RV8 has an independent front suspension with double wishbones, coil springs and telescopic shock absorbers. An anti-roll bar is also fitted.
Answered by Keith Moody
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