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Mercedes-Benz C-Class (1993 - 2000)

Last updated 29 October 2019

Solid aspirational car in its day
Inferior follow-up to the 190, over-light feel-free steering, uninspiring, rusts, ECU failure at 12+ years old scraps the car


After more than a decade in production, Mercedes-Benz replaced the 190 range with the all-new C-Class. The W202 generation baby Benz was a clear evolution from the older car in terms of styling, but the new model ushered in a much wider range of engines, as well as an additional body style in the shape of a new - and very stylish - estate version. Also, the performance models were now sold under the AMG banner.

As a product of the 1990s, the C-Class was packed with new safety kit, including standard driver airbag, ABS and integrated side-impact protection; the front passenger airbag became standard from 1995 onwards, and from the same period Traction control (ETS in the four-cylinder models, combined with limited slip differential (ASD) or ASR in the six-cylinder models) was available as extra cost. But the timeless styling means that the C-Class has aged extremely well - and well into the 21st century, many examples - some quite rusty - are still being worked hard as daily hacks.

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