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Mazda 121 (1991 - 1998)

Last updated 20 August 2013

Quirky styling, plenty of headroom and a full-length sunroof
In scarce supply in the UK, parts supply likely to be scarcer still


Like its predecessor, the second generation Mazda 121 is of mixed parentage - being sold as as the Autozam Revue in its home market, where it was sold as a speciality product. Curvaceous styling certainly undid the blandness of the first 121, but it would also prove to be instrumenatal in making it hard to sell in the UK, where it never really took off at all. Redeeming features were the option of a full-length canvas top and power assisted steering with automatic transmission - still relatively rare in the supermini market at the time.

Interior was cavernous for a car with such modest dimensions, and upright seating was a sign of things to come for the supermini market as a whole. Was euthanised early in the UK, being replaced by the far more saleable - and less interesting - 1996 121, which was a near-unmodified Ford Fiesta. Rare now, unmourned at the moment, but we suspect there could be a bit of a cult following in years to come.

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