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Matra Murena (1980 - 1983)

Last updated 24 March 2013

Three-abreast seating, willing performance in 2.2-litre form, fine dynamics, striking styling
Left-hand drive only, 1.6-litre cars a bit gutless
Updated 1 July 1983
Production ended

Sadly, a month later, and after a production run of a mere 10,680, the Murena was officially dead. Peugeot pulled the plug on its accord with Matra. Traditional profit-maker Peugeot found itself enduring...

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were produced
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The Matra Murena was a logical development of the Bagheera. It was actually sold as the Talbot-Matra Murena in PSA dealers across Europe, and was a subtle upmarket move for the company, which was pinning its hopes on a long-term furure partnership with PSA.

The striking looking car was clothed in a new aerodynamic body and, importantly, underpinned by a galvanised steel spaceframe which would prove resistant to rust - good news after Bagheera horror stories. The top engine option was a 2.2-litre Talbot Tagora engine, which provided the go to match its excellent handling – something that the Bagheera had lacked. Sadly, politics between Peugeot-Talbot and Matra saw the Murena prematurely halted in 1985, by which time the innovative French company was gearing up to produce the Espace for Renault.

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