Matra 530 (1967 – 1973) Review

Matra 530 (1967 – 1973) At A Glance


+Practical and usable sorts car with agile handling and plenty of room

-Rough engine, adequate performance, quirky styling

The Matra M530 was the first car built by the company that was designed in-house. In 1965 Matra's CEO Jean-Luc Lagardère decided that his company should build its own more road-focused sports car. The Matra 530 was named after the company's R530 missile, designed by former Simca designer Philippe Guédon.

Like its predecessor, the car was built upon a steel frame with polyester body and was mid-engined. To accommodate for both 2+2 accommodation, mid-engine layout and a reasonable boot, the company plumped for the the 1700 cc Ford Taunus V4 engine and gearbox because it was so compact. The M530 also sported a targa top roof, pop-up headlights - and it was clearly ahead of its time.