Maserati Kyalami (1976 – 1983) Review

Maserati Kyalami (1976 – 1983) At A Glance


+Maserati V8 power

-It was a re-engined De Tomaso Longchamp, and was considerably more expensive

After De Tomaso’s takeover of Maserati in 1975, badge engineering soon followed. The De Tomaso Longchamp - a Ford V8 engined rival to the Mercedes-Benz SLC - was given the Maserati treatment, gaining a slightly facelifted (and much prettier) front end, and the Indy V8 (initially in 4.1-litre form), and was then re-marketed as the Maserati Kyalami.

Although this version of the Ghia-styled car looked far better than the original, it was not appealing enough to bring in a significant number of new buyers. Shame, because it was actually a very good four-seater GT car. Perhaps it was the high price – which had taken a significant hike over the Ford engined car it was based upon – but more likely, the economy of the late 1970s simply didn't favour such a sober-suited Maserati.