Lotus Super 7 (1957 – 1968) Review

Lotus Super 7 (1957 – 1968) At A Glance


+Like a 7 but even quicker and more agile

-All of the usual 7 compromises and discomforts

The Lotus Super 7 was an inexpensive and fun car with considerable performance from modest engines. So imagine how good it would be with more power? Colin Chapman certainly did. So, the Super 7 was created by building what it considered was the perfect race car for the road.

The Super 7 came with longer glassfibre front wings and Cosworth-tuned Ford engines of 1340, 1500 or 1600cc capacity and phenomenal performance. To reign this back, those with the larger engines came with disc brakes. Many were still sold as kits, and they’ve always appealed to those of a tinkering nature, so expect the random problems across the board. A dozen or so ‘Super-Super 7s’ were fitted with Lotus twin-cam engines, for utterly amazing performance.