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Lloyd Reviews

Lloyd vehicles evolved from the cars made by the Norddeutsche Automobil und Motoren GmbH, a company formed in 1908. It was owned by the Norddeutsche Lloyd shipping company, and the factory was in Bremen. The first cars were licence-built Kriéger electric vehicles, but petrol-engined models followed in 1908.

In 1914 the company merged with Hansa to become Hansa-Lloyd Werke AG. Two cars, the 4-litre Treff AS and the 8-cylinder 4.6-litre Trumpf AS, were badged as Hansa-Lloyds. Hard times followed in aftermath of WW1, and the end result was that it was integrated into Carl FW Borgward's group in 1929. Lloyd cars only made a reappearance in 1950, as the economy cars to sit below Hansa and Borgward - and although technically interesting and reasonably successful, they didn't help the company's fall into bankruptcy in 1961. The final Lloyd rolled off the line in 1963.

Good: Small and economical
Bad: So is a Mini...