Jeep Wrangler (1993 – 1996) Review

Jeep Wrangler (1993 – 1996) At A Glance


+Iconic looks and more off-road ability than you'll ever need.

-Crude road manners, limited space and spartan specification.

The Wrangler replaced the old Civilian Jeep (or CJ) in the USA in 1986, but it wouldn’t arrive in the UK until the early 1990s. Here was AMC’s vision of a car still retaining that essential Jeep character but attracting more daily drivers.

True, the ground clearance was reduced and the suspension revised – it even had anti-roll bars (as well as a few other tricks) to stop it flipping over in the hand of Jeep newbies.

Drivers did now have some choice, though. As well as the Jeep six-pot, there was also a GM flavoured four-cylinder available. They could 

But, ultimately, it was a vehicle with a ladder chassis on leaf springs front and rear. Its interior was similarly functional, which was probably its saving grace.

Here was a car that could easily be related to its predecessors and still went absolutely anywhere… only with a few concessions to safety. And, most importantly, it had a Jeep logo on the side. Limited numbers were sold in the UK, which makes them a bit of a stand out classic at car shows.

What does a Jeep Wrangler (1993 – 1996) cost?