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Jaguar XJ (2003 - 2009)

Last updated 12 April 2018

Quick, comfortable, refined and sporty. Excellent safety kit. Diesel offers inexpensive running costs for a luxury car. Reasonably reliable.
Unimaginative styling. Suspension can clonk in tight bends taken hard. Steel rivets in aluminium structure cause severe corrosion.
Updated 13 April 2012

BILSTEIN, the German suspension manufacturer has announced that it will make its OEM-quality air suspension modules available to the independent aftermarket with immediate effect. The latest application...

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The Jaguar XJ350, introduced in 2003, is an alloy bodied XJ with looks similar to the previous XJ, but lighter weight. V6 petrol and diesel engines, V8 petrol engines, and a supercharged XJR.

Road Test 2005 Jaguar XJD

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