Iso Fidia (1967 – 1975) Review

Iso Fidia (1967 – 1975) At A Glance


+High performance four-door saloon, and a genuine alternative to the Maserati Quattroporte, fabulous styling and ample room

-Lack of breeding in the engine department

The Giugiaro-styled Iso Fidia started life as the Rivolta S4 when it was launched at the 1967 Frankfurt motor show, but with such an arresting style it seemed only right to give this super-saloon its own name in 1969.Its closest rivals were the Maserati Quattroporte and Lamborghini Espada, both of which were powered by bespoke engines designed and built in Italy.

But despite its American engine, the Iso Fidia lacked little in appeal in comparison with the competiion. Initially promoted as 'le quattro poltrone piu veloci del mondo' ('the world's fastest four-seater'), the Fidia picked up a degree of celebrity kudos (John Lennon had one), but sales were never strong enough to sustain the company as the crises of the 1970s deepened. Few come up for sale these days; despite mixed pedigree, they command top prices.