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Innocenti Reviews

Innocenti, the Milanese company, started out building Lambretta scooters during the 1950s. And it wasn't until 1961 that it branched out into car manufacture in 1961, initially building more appealing versions of the Austin A40 and Austin-Healey Sprite. It became a successful business during the 1960s building Minis and BMC 1100s, before being purchased by British Leyland in 1972.

The rebodied hatchback 1973 Mini was a critical (if not commercial) success, but the local version of the Allegro (called Regent) bombed. The partnership dissolved in 1975 as BL fell under government control, and Innocenti was picked up by Alejandro de Tomaso the following year. The marque died in 1997, and its factory remains a crumbling ruin.

Good: Interesting styling combined with tried and tested Austin Healey mechanicals
Bad: Expensive in the UK
Good: It's a Mini but with a better-finished interior and front-opening quarterlights, plus the kudos of being built in Italy
Bad: Rare and in high demand in the UK, left-hand drive only
Good: Cute 1970s styling wrapping tried and tested Mini mechanicals
Bad: They're prone to rust, but so few in the UK all that are here seem to be cherished
Good: It's nicer than an Allegro
Bad: It's still and Allegro, and it costs a lot more