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Honda Accord (1989 - 1993)

Last updated 9 May 2018


Buying Guide


100% breakdown free in 2003 Which survey.


Steering a bit light. Sheet metal not as thick as German cars.

Please note Haynes manual is for US spec.


Tend to be entirely trouble free as long as serviced on time. 

Check screen area and rear wheel arches for rust. Bonded windscreens very difficult to replace and this usually leads to scratches, rust and water ingress around screen area. 

An intermittent fault which causes the engine to cut out may be nothing more than a failed ignition amplifier. A replacement part costs £50 and some RAC patrolmen actually carry them. 

Make sure aircon blows cold. Aircon may still contain environmentally unfriendly R12 refrigerant. Needs to be recharged with CFC-free 134A refrigerant and this may lead to weeping seals. Look for uneven tyre wear as a result of kerbing. Check under oil cap for emulsified oil due to short runs from cold starts - also likely to have rotted out rear silencer box.

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