Hillman Husky (1967 – 1970) Review

Hillman Husky (1967 – 1970) At A Glance


+Roomy load compartment, nice to drive - unladen - in the way all Imps are

-Rear-engined, so interesting to consider driving fully-laden

The Imp-based Hillman Husky was the last of a long line of load-luggers from the Rootes Group. The 1967 version, which replaced the old Minx-based Husky, was a shift in a completely different direction. It was based upon the Hillman Imp's Commer-badged commercial cousin, and thanks to the low-line rear engine and high roof line, there was more than enough room - plenty more than the Mini Traveller, for instance.

The single-piece tailgate opened vertically to offer great access to the voluminous 50cu ft boot, while the rear seat passengers enjoyed the same legroom and considerable more airiness than the saloon it was based upon. Being an Imp, the Husky was great to drive, blessed with that smooth-spinning Coventry Climax engine, and excellent steering and handling. Facelifted with the rest of the range in 1968, and discontinued in 1970. Rare today, and surprisingly affordable, even for the best ones.