Ford Mustang (1964 – 1969) Review

Ford Mustang (1964 – 1969) At A Glance


+Good parts supply, excellent social scene, and surprisingly good to drive

-Not as sharp to drive as its European equivalent

The Ford Mustang was a surprise hit – and one that caught the imagination of an entire generation. Originally designed as a European-style two-seater, Mustang creator, Lee Iacocca, knew that volume sales were crucial for the future success of the breed. Sharing the platform and as many parts as possible with the compact Falcon in order to keep production costs down, it was powered by a either a six-cylinder or V8 engine.

In mid-1964, Ford introduced the sporting 2+2 fastback body style to go along with the hardtop coupé and convertible. Enthusiasts loved the new 271bhp V8 that finally delivered the performance to match its sensational looks. However, for those who wanted more, Carroll Shelby and Ford collaborated to produce the Shelby GT-350, a Ford Mustang fastback. The 4736cc (289 cu in) V8 produced 306bhp in standard tune and 360bhp in GT-350R race tune.

Development continued apace, and in 1967, a considerable revision saw the styling became more aggressive, a new grille, a concave tail panel and a full fastback roofline for the coupé. There was now more room for a big block 6391cc unit to replace the 4727cc engine. Shelby-tuned Mustangs became more outrageous as the new GT500 was powered by a reworked 7014cc V8, but these were the last Shelby Mustangs actually built by Shelby-American.

Ask Honest John

Can you recommend something fun and sporty, that's also safe for kids in the back?

"I'm looking for a sports car under £40,000. The Ford Mustang would get my vote but the safety rating is just a no-no for when kids are in the back. What should I buy?"
Don't dismiss the Mustang straight away - the two-star safety rating is mainly because of the lack of standard safety assist features like autonomous emergency braking. This was addressed when the Mustang was facelifted in 2017. As an alternative, how about a Mercedes-Benz C43 AMG Cabriolet? It'll be a bit more luxurious than the Mustang but still an awful lot of fun. Just be prepared for the fuel bills...
Answered by Andrew Brady
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