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Ford Mustang (1969 - 1974)

Last updated 18 January 2014

The fastest classic Mustangs
Middle-aged spread was already creeping in


The Ford Mustang was completely restyled for the 1969 model year and the character began to change – it was growing. A new Mach 1 appeared, powered by a 5752cc V8, but also available with the 7014cc Cobra Jet unit. The ‘Boss’ series Mustangs were named after stylist Larry Shinoda's nickname for Ford president Semon Knudson. Boss Mustangs were built to qualify for the NASCAR series and came with a race-ready 7030cc V8 with ram air induction, header type exhaust manifolds running through a four-speed manual gearbox and a 3.91:1 Traction-Lok axle.

1971 was a watershed year for the Mustang as grew again – but just as damaging to the Mustang image was the disappearance of the Shelby and some of the Boss models. Engines were detuned for emissions and the 351 V8 had dropped to just 156bhp.