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Ford Granada Scorpio (1985 - 1998)

Last updated 18 January 2014

Vast inside with styling that gets better with each passing year
Still worthless, so few cars are making it to cherished classic
were produced
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Even though the Sierra had proved slow-selling, Ford pressed-on with its aerodynamic styling, launching the similarly styled Granada Mk3 just three years later. Like the Sierra it was advanced on the outside, and relatively conventional under the skin, but it still bristled with the latest technology. In fact, the Granada Mk3's main claim to fame was that it was the first European car to offer ABS across the range as standard. In Europe, the all-new car received an all-new name – Scorpio – but in the UK Ford didn't want to risk further alienating existing customers with its new hatchback, and used the moniker to denote the top models in the range - above the Ghia.

Four-pot versions were underpowered until the arrival of the later twin-cams, but V6s were more than capable capable. Later Cosworth models are genuine future classics, while the 1990s saloon and estate are yet to find their place, although they do have cult appeal. Facelifted 'bug-eye' Scorpios from 1994 shocked when launched, but are looking better as time moves on - a real indicator that Ford was ahead of the curve with these cars.


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